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    why is my screen gray


      Have the latest flash and a cable modem.

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why did you post so many informations?

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            I have what sounds like a similar problem that I will describe in detail. It happens when trying to view the pdf of my banking statements online. On first try, the statement opens as normal. Then I try to print it, but it will print ONLY the last page (of a 15-page document). When I go back to the bank's web page, the document "opens" only to a completely gray screen with a narrow white line extended about halfway down. No data whatsoever. The bank's "customer service" says it's  either a problem with my printer (theoretically possible, I suppose, but unlikely since the printer is working fine with every other document, including online pdf files), or that I don't have the latest Adobe update installed. But I accept all updates when they are automatically forwarded by Adobe, and, according to the properties window for my Adobe X (10.1.2) it was last modified (which I assume to mean updated) on January 13, i.e., one week ago. So that looks to me like it's pretty much up-to-date. Any possibl reason why I am getting a gray screen with this document?

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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee

              Can you please try and refresh the page and see if it solves the issue.

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                berkeleybhoy Level 1

                Thanks, but that did not work. First, I logged on to the site again (after a more than 24 hours absence). And I had exactly the same situation. The statement comes up, I go to print, it prints only the last page, and when I go to open the statement again, I get a completely blank (grey) screen). A little twist: I logged out and then back in, opened the statement, closed it--without attempting to print this time--and tried to open it again, but was faced once more with the grey screen and no data. This would suggest that whatever the problem is, it is not connected to the printer. Any more ideas?

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                  darren_st Level 1

                  There is a known issue with Adobe Reader 10.1.2 not being able to display PDF files shown on a secure site. SSL


                  Please see the release notes here:




                  Then click on the one for 10.1.2 and scroll down to Known Issues.


                  "PDFs in a browser appear as a grey box and don’t display"


                  Presumably you will need to downgrade to 10.1.1 or wait until Adobe releases a fix for this.




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                    berkeleybhoy Level 1

                    Thanks. At least that's an explanation, for which I am grateful, although it sucks that Adobe hasn't fixed the problem, which seems to be mainly in Windows 7. The URL you gave led me to explore Adobe's site further and I came up with this page http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/907/cpsid_90705.html  which lists a series of known errors, including not opening pdf files in Windows 7 and a gray browser appearing. Adobe says it's not an issue with Firefox or Modzilla. I don't have them, but I tried Google Chrome and lo and behold! the issue was gone--except that when I first tried to print, again it only printed the last page (of 15) so I tried one more thing--printing, initially one page at a time and printing one-sided (previously I had been trying to print double-sided to save paper). And I managed to print the whole document. So success, albeit by a roundabout and clunky route! Thanks for pointing me in the general direction.