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    Repeatable subform length lost?

    Bill95722 Level 1

      I have this code in the click event of a "Delete" button within a repeatable subform:


      var SFArray = xfa.resolveNodes("SubForm[*]"); //  build array of subforms

      xfa.host.messageBox("length=" + SFArray.length);

      if (_SubForm.count > _SubForm.occur.min) { // check for minimum

           _SubForm.removeInstance(SubForm.index); // remove requested instance

      } // end if

      var SFArray = xfa.resolveNodes("SubForm[*]");

      xfa.host.messageBox("newlength=" + SFArray.length);


      At execution I get length=3 (for example), then newlength=0 following the removeInstance


      I don't understand why the 2nd resolveNodes produces length=0 and following code using the array fails with "index out of bounds"


      Thanks for any help!