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    Batch Delete

    Douglas_Campbell Level 1

      I thought this was probably a newb question, but I haven't been able to find this topic exactly elsewhere on the forum. I am trying to recreate an existing HTML help system in RH. We don't have the source files, so I am importing the HTML pages. I am able to import the pages in a batch, but once they are in the Project Manager/Project Files direcotry, I see know way in the tree view of that UI component to delete multiple files.


      I tried using CTRL or SHIFT and selecting muliple files, which does not work. I see that you can open up the directory in Explorer, but they are not organized the same way there. My concern is that even if I delete the file that way, it is going to leave orphan files and create a mess in the directory. Similarly, then, my other question is whether when you delete a topic from Project Files in the RH UI, does it also automatically delete the associated files, such as graphics?


      Thanks in advance.