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    Print or Export by Topic


      I am using RH9 and fairly new to RH.


      How do you embed an icon/functionality in the help pages that allows the user to print just the topic for the page they are on? In my initial tests, if I try printing a particular page I am on in the help system, it prints out the page view with TOC only.


      Similarly, is it impossible to allow users to export a PDF of just the topic page they are currently viewing?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          Why embed the icon in every page? You can create a single button in the skin, see Snippet 24 on my site. That script does not have the problem you have encountered, your script would likely work if you first clicked in the topic but the script in Snippet 24 does not have that dependency, it does not matter whether or not the user has click in the topic pane. This does assume you are creating webhelp, you haven't said what your output is.


          You cannot target the end user's PDF writer as Windows does not allow you to identify a particular printer. You would need to create a PDF of the page and then create a link to it in the topic. That could be a text or image link.


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