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    Interactive Forms


      Can I create a form that will open up different options based on my choices in a drop-down field?  For example - I would like a form that our employees can use to track account changes.  The first few fields would just contain info that they put in - like account name and such.  But then - can the form be created so that if they choose that it is a "Contact Address Update" - different questions and fields will show up than if they choose that the account change is an "Account Closure"?  I'm sure that all of the info would be on the form - but maybe all of the info and questions that aren't necessary won't show up . . . ???  And is this a document that I can email around the office in a pdf format - or would this have to be an online form?  I would prefer that it would be in pdf.



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          RandySwineford Adobe Employee

          With a Basic or Plus subscription you can use skip logic. Skip logic allows you to skip over pages or hide/show questions based on the answers to previous questions. Creating an interactive form like this in PDF is quite difficult. With FormsCentral it is very easy to make an interactive HTML form that you can send around. Is there a particular reason you would want it to be a PDF file?



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            kcaldwell11 Level 1

            Thank you so much for this response.


            I would want it to be a pdf so we can store it in permanent files . . . but maybe after the form is completed we could take a static “picture” of the completed form and store that . . . ???


            So – this is a service that we would need to pay for on a monthly basis?  Or – could we create this one form, have access to the form – or “own” the form, and quit the service?  This is really a one-shot thing.  We don’t need to be creating these complicated forms regularly.


            Thanks again,


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              RandySwineford Adobe Employee

              Once a response is received you can save it as a PDF file. This FAQ explains how to do that: http://forums.adobe.com/docs/DOC-1383


              You subscribe to the service on an ongoing basis. The service not only let's you create forms, but also let's you collect and manage the forms centrally. This webinar I did a few weeks ago provides a demo of the entire product: http://adobechats.adobeconnect.com/p3kcafltksj/  Take a look at it and you'll see how we can help you out - we provide email notifications, submission receipts, attachments (upload files with form), summary reports and more.



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                kcaldwell11 Level 1

                Thanks again for the info.