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    How do I batch renumber files starting with any number?

    jl2000 Level 1

      Hi -

      I'm using data variables within Photoshop CS5 (Win7) to duplicate a template with many different sources.  With this method each output PSD has a new headline and 3 or 4 new images.  It works great exept that after all this scripted magic I have to manually rename the new batch of files.  The series of files I'm working on might start with "395.PSD" and go on for, say, 93 files -  but Photoshop only outputs starting with "1" or "01".  It would be great if I could start with whatever number I need and have PSD just start there and increment by 1 until finished with a batch.


      Further more - Even if I start with "39.PSD" - PShop will save out as "391,392,393,394,395,396,397,398,399, (here comes trouble) 3910, 3911, etc.


      So what I'm asking is - does anyone know of a way to tell PShop to start numbering with any number I want AND have PShop continue sequentially  from that number correctly?


      I'm not sure this is a Photoshop function or possibly a Windows explorer script.  But I'd like to get some expert input.


      TIA your replies.