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    Dialog Participant Step

    Ram Atmakur

      Hi Guys,

                  Reaching out to you for help and guidance. I have been working on workflows and as a part of that effort I have to provide an interface to the Participant to enter some inputs (JIRA ID and Comment). The idea is to take these inputs and integrate with the jira system. I am working with Dialog Participant Step for this effort. I have created a dialog which shows up when a particpant advances the workflow from his inbox. I am not able to tie up this dialog with a java process where I can capture the inputs via metaData object. The post parameters and error is as below.


      The POST request params are as below:




      route-/etc/workflow/instances/2012-01-18/model_237097001523152/workItems/node2_etc_workflo w_instances_2012-01-18_model_237097001523152=261752321

      item=/etc/workflow/instances/2012-01-18/model_237097001523152/workItems/node2_etc_workflow _instances_2012-01-18_model_237097001523152






      comment-/etc/workflow/instances/2012-01-18/model_237097001523152/workItems/node2_etc_workf low_instances_2012-01-18_model_237097001523152=


      Error received: (Per Firebug)

      Error while processing /content/geometrixx/en/products/circle




      1. javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for {}jiraComment



      Parent Location







      Go Back

      Modified Resource

      Parent of Modified Resource


      Please let me know if my approch is right in doing it this way, if not need some advice on the alternate approch. I could not get any documentation on DialogParticipant Step. Any references to it would help.


      Thanks & Regards


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          Sham HC Level 7

          Hi Rama,


          Please refer [1] & hope it helps.


          [1]  http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/developing/developing_workflows.html




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            Ram Atmakur Level 1

            Thanks Sham,

                     I was able to get through this by having a second custom process step where I could retrieve the values from the dialog.



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              Murali Vusthipalli Level 1

              I can't find "Dialog Participant Step" in the documentation. Could some one point me to the right documentation page or help me to understand how we can give a user the ability to input some parameters to the workflow using a dialog at a participant step in the workflow?

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                hypnotec Adobe Employee

                if you wish to have a workfow step with a custom dialog offered to the user, your workflow model must contain a "Dialog Participant Step". in the workflow model editor drag such a step from the sidekick and edit it. there you can specify a dialog to be shown.

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                  Ram Atmakur Level 1

                  Hello Murali,  As Hypnotec pointed out it is easy to create a workflow with a dialog Participant step.


                  1. Create your custom dialog.

                  2. Drag and drop the Dialog Participant Step from the side kick and point to your dialog.

                  3. Specify a group.

                  4. Once you kick of a workflow with this workflow model, you would see an action item in the workflow inbox.

                  5. Once your right clik and say complete, a dialog opens up with your dialog embeded in.


                  The way we implemented here is. Collect user inputs from the dialog participant step and follow it up with a java process step where you can capture the user inputs and use them for further processing.

                  NOTE: You would see a harmless ConstraintViolation Exception when you use dialog participant step which is a bug in the OTB CQ.


                  As you have noted, there is not enough documentation around this. It is trial and error.

                  Hope it was helpful



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                    Murali Vusthipalli Level 1

                    Thanks for your answers.


                    Ram, I tried using an existing dialog in a component and it seems to be not working. Could you please help me on what you did to create the dialog?

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                      Ram Atmakur Level 1


                        I am not sure to what extent you have gone through with your dialog participant step. But for implementing a dialog participant step few steps below.


                      1. You would be creating a dialog with some text fields

                           Note: Make sure the names of the each input element and also any hidden elements starts with ./jcr:content/<nameofcomponent>. Else you would encounter the error that I mentioned above. ConstraintViolation error.


                      2. Create a model with this dialog as first step via dialog participant step.

                      3. Once you run this workflow on a payload you would see an action item in the workflow inbox.

                      4. right click and complete the step. Your dialog pops up embeded with in out of the box dialog. Input some vals in the input forms and complete the workflow. You should see a POST call in firebug which tries to POST the vals that you have entered in the dialog on to the pay load path in the jcr repository. The property name is the name you defined for the text field (or any other component) and value that you have entered.


                      At the end of the workflow you should see that the vals that you have entered in your dialog are registered on the payload's jcr:content path. Once this happens you can add a next step in the workflow which would be a java process step which can read these vals from the <payload>/jcr:content and process further.


                      Let me know if that gives you an idea of what needs to be done. For sure it would be a trial and error way to deal with and not lots of ppl are out there who can help with the workflow aspect of CQ. If you are given the task of working with workflows in your work, i would just welcoome you saying welcome to the land of unkown .



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                        Murali Vusthipalli Level 1

                        Thanks for detailed information, Ram. I will try it and come back to you.

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                          maruthid Level 1

                          Hi Murali


                          I want to see the data which is entered through the dialog participant step in the next step.

                          Say for example in step 1

                          Author enters details in the dialog participant step and completes that step; it will be assigned to the reviewer

                          In step 2 (this is also dialog participant step)

                          Reviewer need to see the details which are entered in the previous step


                          How can we pass the data entered in the previous step to the next step dialog.