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    Video I imported is not playing

    Cuwen Level 1

      Hi.  I got such a quick and great response to my question earlier.  I hope the same thing happens with this one.


      I uploaded the deploy-to-web contents to my website.  I had to change main.html to index.html because my hosting company designed the structure that way, as do many sites.


      Well, the structure is there and everything looks great, but the video I put inside of the file isn't playing.  It's an flv file with its own players.  The box and player buttons are there, but when I hit play, nothing happens.  Nothing plays.  What's going on?

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          Cuwen Level 1

          Would anybody be able to help?  It's been a few days now and no responses.  I've found that a random, short .flv file that I downloaded from the internet played fine, but my own .flv files that I made won't.  I have no idea why, though.  I created the video file in regular Flash, exported it as a .mov file and then took that file into Media Encoder and made it a .flv file.  Those won't work, but I don't know why.  Any suggestions?