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    ASIO and requirements to be able to listen in 5.1 while editing


      Hi all,


      I have purhased a true 5.1 headset to be able to correctly monitor 5.1 sequences before exporting using surcode.


      I noted that the headset had 4 coloured 3.5mm plugs and a USB. After checking that my PC had these sockets I thought it would be compatible so purchased, I've now got myself in all kinds of trouble...


      After setting up win7 to work in 5.1 and checking that the headset worked by playing a 5.1 video, I tried to enable it in adobe premiere cs5, however when looking in the Audio Output Mapping, I only had Premiere Pro WDM Sound which was stereo.


      I figured that my on board sound was not ASIO compliant and I therefore couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I bought a cheap 5.1 PCI sound card which was listed as ASIO 2.0 compliant.


      After installing this (Sound Blaster 5.1VX), disabling the Realtek HD Audio and enabling the Sound Blaster, I still only have the Premiere Pro WDM Sound.


      I read about and installed ASIO4ALL and I now see ASIO4ALL in the Audio Output Mapping drop down, but when I choose it the speaker listing below it is just a front left and front right, with not connected written as the description, as in this screenshot.


      When I re-enable the Realtek HD audio and plug headset into the on board ports, the speaker listing shows several speakers, but they all just say HD audio output 1, HD audio output 2, etc as in this screenshot and as with the Sound Blaster selected, I only hear in stereo.


      I would be massively greatful if anybody could give some guidance on this, please let me know if you need screenshots or more info.




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Just a thought - did you headphones come with a utility disc? If so, it might have a proprietary driver for it.


          I have a Turtle Beach 5.1 headset, that connects via USB (only), and with its driver, all works fine for me.


          For my workstation, ASIO4All was all that I needed for my SB Live 24 5.1 SS card, but that did not do it for you.


          Also, and the headset instructions should tell you, do you need all of the connectors, PLUS the USB, or is it an either/or connection?


          Good luck, and wish that I had more to offer.



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            clareschons Level 1

            Bill, I appreciate your reply. The headset works fine with  movies so with the driver still required. Not sure ASIO4AlL is not set up correctly or I just don't know how to use it properly... Well check headset software but I fear it was just a pdf manual


            edit - it was a no go on the ASIO4ALL for me but after miraculously finding a 3 year old sound blaster audigy 2 card in a drawer everything is working fantastically now and exactly how I wanted it to!


            For anyone who's after a dirt cheap sound card to be able to use premiere 5.1 audio mapping, I recommend the sound blaster audigy 2!