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    Adobe Fireworks CS4 freez on create album




      I'm trying to use Adobe Fireworks CS4 with all the latest update on a Macbook Pro computer with OSX 10.5.8.


      Everything works fine, except for the following.


      I use commands - create slideshow.


      Then I create an album and add pictures.


      When I issue the command create, everything works fine.


      But ....


      From the moment that I choose to rotate a picture, the create process freezes when it reaches that specific picture and I can only cancel this.


      Is there anyone who can tell me a solution or workaround?


      Next to that, I also have an issue with multiple albums. When I use multiple albums and use the album properties to add a description and a thumbnail to a specific album, I always see that this is removed as soon as I click another album.


      It would be very helpfull if anyone knows a solution to both these problems.


      Thanks in advance,


      Kind regards,