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    After Effects CS5 and Sony HDR-SR1 AVCHD (.MTS) File Format


      Hi everyone,

      I've just started with After Effects, and I the only video camera I have is an old Sony HDR-SR1 camera, which records in 1080i and uses the AVCHD file format. I've recorded a few videos, in which I proceeded to try and import to After Effects. The program came up with this error: "After Effects error: '0020.MTS' cannot be imported - this '.mts' file is damaged or unsupported." I understand that this error is pretty common, but I do not understand how to fix it. I've already tried the Media Encoder, and the videos that come out are horrible quality videos that are nothing like the videos recorded on the camera. I've also tried Sony's included Picture Motion Browser (I have the latest version) and when I try to convert, the video also comes out horrible quality and always has these annoying lines running across the video. Please help!