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    Unable to run a simple (HelloWorld) mobile app in FB 4.6 in Windows 7


      I was using Flash Builder 4.5 till some days back and I was able to run my mobile apps on my desktop emulator using Flash Builder. I was on Windows XP at that time.


      I recently switched to Windows 7. I reinstalled my earlier Flash Builder version (4.5) and installed 4.6. My 4.5 license was not working in 4.6, so I had to call Customer care and they provided a new license that worked for me in 4.6


      Now, the issue is when I develop a simple Mobile App using 4.6 and run it on desktop, I am always getting a blank page. This is the same case for all emulator types (iOS, Android, Blackberry). Can you please help me out in this situation as I have been spending the last 2 days in figuring out what is wrong with just my Simple Mobile App code. I am sure there is nothing wrong in the code as I have just taken HelloWorld sample code from Adobe for the same.


      Please let me know if anyone has faced such issue.