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    How to answer a thread in (Read Only) section? Runtime Error R6025


      Hi adobe photoshop community




      I have a  solution to a question that is unanswered in one of  Photoshop(ready Only) Section.




      any way i could drop my reply in there?


      Re: Photoshop CS5 MS Visual C + +Runtime Error R6025

      anyway i had encountered  the same problem.


      in my case, the error happens when i use the copy and paste shortcut (ctrl+x/c and ctrl+v)


      it because of the jdownloader app  that detects the copy info, and causing the crash


      disabling the jdownloader copy detection links function solved the runtime error.


      if this doesn't work. then it probably is a different problem.


      anyway this solution was posted by someone else i came across long ago.


      hope this helps.