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    Can I unpause a question slide automatically?


      Once a question slide enters the pause state, waiting for the button to be pressed to move on, can I make it advance to the next slide automatically if the user does nothing for say 5 seconds?



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Have a look at my explanation of the functionalities of question slides:


          Question Question Slides


          If you skip the first step as I explain in that blog post, the playhead will move on. If you time the slide to have 5 secs after its pausing point it will automatically proceed to the next slide. But if you want to offer the user the possibility to advance with a button, you need either the Button widget or the other workaround explained in the blog post.



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            mrjolly159 Level 1

            Thanks Lilybiri, I think custom slides will help me and your blog is very useful.


            The real reason I want timed slides is that I'm trying to make a quiz which will syncronise to a DVD playing on another device. The idea is to start the DVD playing and start the Captiv8 quiz at exactly the same time. The video will then play (it can't be skipped or paused) and contains 5 questions over 5 minutes. I need question 1 to appear  at exactly 1 minute in, question 2 to appear at 2 mins in, and so on for all five questions. The problem is that these question slides need to appear at the right time, every time, no matter if a user has answered a question, pressed something, changed their mind, done nothing at all , or had several attempts or whatever, without changing the total length of the quiz which will always be exactly the same length as the video on the DVD whatever the user does.


            I really need a kind of 'master clock', perhaps on a master slide (?), which will force the Captv8 to turn to the right question at the right time, no matter how long the users take to answer, or even if they do nothing and ignore a question completely. I would like to add a countdown timer on each question too, so they know how long they have to answer before the slide disappears and moves on automatically. It's a high pressure quiz, as you have written about in the timer blog you wrote, but where the Captiv8 quiz won't alter its overall length whatever happens. Obviously I need to give them a score at the end.


            Hope you have some suggestions!


            Thanks again.


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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Not so easy, and very busy for the moment.


              You'll need an interactive object (click box or buttion) that is displayed for the rest of the slide but has no pausing point. And this object could trigger an advanced action to create a score. The On exit event of the slide can be used to calculate the total score because in this case you will always reach that event, the last frame of the slide. But really should have to try out. You cannot trigger something based on time, that is not possible at all. So you should have the playhead running on all the time, whatever happens. That is why I suggest no pausing, no waiting for the user to click.



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                mrjolly159 Level 1

                Thanks you for that - very helpful and I know you are busy!


                Unfortunately I needed to convert the quiz to HTML5 for iPad for my classroom users, but Advanced Actions and Timer animations dont convert, so I think I'm going to try a different product like SlideRocket. Thanks again anyway!