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    reshaping photo


      I am having trouble reshaping a photo to upload to snapfish. They require my photo be square in order to use for a puzzle. How can i change the shape of my photo or attach a 2nd photo to make one square photo? Thanks.

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          pf22 Level 2

          If you "reshape" the photo, make a rectangular one square, for instance, you'll distort it, and that probably wouldn't be acceptable if it was a portrait, the person would be all squished! LOL! The best thing to do is simply crop the picture into a square around the main subject, a face for instance.


          IMG_7091 e-mail.jpg IMG_7091 Cropped.jpg


          If you do actually want to "reshape" it to a square that's easy, just open the Image Size dialog box and make sure "Constrain Proportions" is unchecked, then type in your size.


          IMG_7091 Reshape.JPG

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            tinyblonde Level 1

            Thank you very much. I appreciate the help. I tried to resize and as you stated it did become too squished to work. My other idea was to photo shop a 2nd rectangular pic next to the original pic making one large square pic but i can't figure out how to do that either. Would you happen to know how to do that?

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              pf22 Level 2

              You mean like this?


              IMG_7091 Square 002.jpg


              That's easy enough; my pictures are 600 pixels high, so I created a new document 600 pixels square. Then I cropped each of the pictures so that they're 300 pixels wide, then dragged and dropped them onto the square document, and saved as a .jpg.


              Alternatively you could take your original picure and extend the Canvas - go to Image/Canvas Size, then enter your size and select the background color - to make it square.


              IMG_7091 Black Square.jpg