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    Error 1172 and 1120


      I'm VERY new to flash and have recently downloaded a flash photo gallery. It was advertised as CS3 and newer. I'm using CS4. It uses AS3. I simply need to make a couple of design changes, but I'm getting errors when I go to publish the Fla.  All the folders and .as files seem to be in the right place and have the proper names. The gallery has been given good reviews and people seem to like it, so I'm assuming it's fine. Just probably something simple I'm missing. Is anyone able to help me through this?



      I get the following errors:


      1172: Definition caurina.transitions could not be found.


      This seems to refer to the following code:

      import caurina.transitions.*;



      I also get the following error:


      1120: Access of undefined property Tweener


      This seems to refer to the following code:


      function tn_over(e:MouseEvent):void


                var mc:MovieClip = MovieClip(e.target);

                var s_no:Number = parseInt(mc.name.slice(8,10));

                Tweener.addTween( mc, { alpha: 0.5, time: tween_duration, transition: "easeOut" } );