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    Coldfusion essential training, working with databases


      I am currrently working through the videos coldfusion9 essential training, the current folder is working with databases, after following the tutorial very carefully on section 4.08 "Creating an application directory and home page"

      It states making a new project & naming it " Photo Gallery"  after going through the process, of setting up the project and copying and pasting the relevant files into the folder,  there are now four folders in the project namely" home, images, Image source and styles.css"

      The tutorial then tells you to click on the "home" file and inside there are default.htm files,  this file opens fine in the browser and shows all the details and banner and color,   the tutorial goes on to say right click the default.htm file and change it to index.cfm

      after making this change however and loading up the page as a cfm file all it  shows is the text of the page with no banner or color

      can anybody help to throw some light on the problem thanks