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    public library books not in ADE


      I make the mistake of downloading books from the public library before i had the adobe digital ed. downloaded. So I downloaded ADE.  ADE recognized my nook. But the books from the library are in my computer documents, not anywhere  on my adobe digital ed. page. and I don't know how to get them to go to ADE. So i tried checking out another book, after i downloaded ADE, but it isn't in my adobe digital ed. Now i have 4 checked out books, but can't read any of them, because they are not in my ADE, and not on my nook. GRRRRRRR! 3 hours later...... can anyone help me?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          ADE can 'import' ebooks that are on your computer.


          First, find out where the library ebooks are located on your computer.


          Then, open ADE.  In the Library view pane, put your cursor on the small

          arrow next to the word 'Library'.  A drop-down menu will appear.


          Pick the 'Add Item To Library' entry by clicking on it.  ADE will open a

          window that will let you browse to where the ebook is located.


          Then, double-click on the ebook name, and ADE should add it to your

          library.  Once it's there, then you can transfer it to your Nook.


          Please note that some ebooks cannot be transferred from your computer to

          your Nook due to the way digital rights have been assigned by the publisher

          or the library.  If you find out you can't transfer the library ebook onto

          your Nook, get in touch with the library and see if they can or will fix



          Hope this helps!


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            curliwurli Level 1

            Thank you for your help. i did what you said, but I'm stuck after the "add

            item to Library". the window that lets me browse, isn't showing the word

            "downloads" which is where the books are. Obviously, I'm not very astute

            with computers! Anyway, I don't know how to get those books in a folder, if

            in fact that would help me. Should I have my nook plugged into the computer

            before(or should I say if) I get this accomplished?

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              I'll try to put into words the picture you're seeing.  Hopefully, I'm at

              least close.  If this ain't workin' for you, maybe somebody else that you

              know is a computer geek (in my case, it's the nine year old down the

              street) can help you right at your computer.


              The window I think you're seeing has several parts to it.  The top contains

              a box where the location that the window points to is located.  There is a

              'down arrow' on the right hand side of that box, and if you click on it,

              you should see a list of locations on your computer.  These will be the

              disk drives and the files on those disk drives.  when you see the list, you

              can choose the location of your files - apparently the 'Download' file

              folder on your hard drive.  When you click on that entry, the middle of the

              screen will change to show you all of the file folders in that location,

              and you can put your mouse pointer on the one where your ebooks are located

              and click on it.  When you find them, you can double-click on the title.

              It will appear in the box at the bottom of the window, and you can click on

              OK.  The computer will burp while it digests the ebook, and you will be

              returned to the Library view of Digital Editions to do it again.  The

              second and successive times will be easier: your computer remembers where

              you were last time, and all you should have to do is to double-click on the

              ebook titles, then click on OK.


              Hope this helps!