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    Numbering issue

      I am having an issue with numbers restarting in the middle of a list of numbered steps when I have a paragraph or figure in the middle of steps. Here's an example of what's happening.

      1. My first step numbers correctly.
      2. My second step numbers correctly.
      A paragraph or figure and caption is added to step two to provide additional information.
      1. My third step restarts numbering at one.

      My initial reaction was to go to the Bullets and Numbering window and clear the Restart Numbering check box. But, this does not work. The number stays at 1 and when I go back into the Bullets and Numbering window, the Restart Numbering check box is selected.
      I've found that I can force it to restart numbering with 3, but that is not an acceptable workaround considering the number of instructions we have where there are figures and captions for each step.
      Has anyone else had this issue? Is there a workaround that is automated and doesn't require me to manually force steps to number correctly.
      Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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          kmaddox1 Level 1
          I'd be really interested in how to do this too. I've had to manually edit the HTML for most of my lists simply to accommodate tables and figures within the flow. It's a real pain....
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            Ben Minson Level 2
            Just tried this in RH7 WYSIWYG:

            Shift + Enter at the end of a list item preserves the indentation without restarting the numbering. Then you can hit Enter for a hard return and get the next number in the list. (The soft returns give you <br> tags in the HTML.) Seems like a bit of a hack, but if it works...

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              MergeThis Level 4
              There's no auto/quick/easy way; go into the code and remove the </OL> tag that RH added, thinking you wanted to end the list when you really didn't, then remove the <OL> tag at the list's resumption. Also, remove any <LI></LI> tags on any element you don't want numbered.

              Good luck,
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                Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                Hi all

                If you know beforehand that you will want perhaps a bulleted list nested inside an ordered list, you can accomplish it easily using the following process.

                Create your initial list, but don't number it quite yet.
                Press Enter after the step where you want the bulleted text to begin, then add the lines that will be bulleted.
                Select part of the beginning line and part of the last, then apply numbering. At this point, everything is numbered, but don't sweat that.
                Now select the section that should be bulleted and click Edit > Move > Right. (Or click the Increase Indent icon on the toolbar) The numbering should reset and you should have a numbered list inside a numbered list.
                Now change the inner list to a bulleted list.

                Cheers... Rick