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    colour mode rgb to cmyk

    inquestflash Level 1

      hello forumers.


      id like to know if i download an image from the web which is rgb,can i convert the image to cmyk for no one to notice it was initialy taken from the net?

      the reason im asking is because my teacher told us not to take any image from the net,(so we take photographs our selves).and if we do take an image from the net,he will know just by looking at it.

      is this true?how can i convert if possible tell me please.


      thank you.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          If you are paying money to learn something, then why not follow the teacher's instructions to go out and take your own pictures?

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            inquestflash Level 1

            hello curt.


            a)if i told you the amount im paying for one year,your internet will blackout,

            b)and he wants us to rent a pro camera,then print it not with student paper,but high end glossy paper,
            plus paying it to get it made a booklet,so im trying to make

            it the cheapist way to get this assignment done.

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              Curt Y Level 7

              It sounds like the assignment is trying to teach you how to shoot and print a professional picture.  If you want to cheat and just get a picture off the net why take the course at all? 


              Think of it this way, if you work for a company and you ask an employee to do a job and he cheats to finish the project would you give him a raise or a pink slip?

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                Level 5

                I would think that the biggest waste of money would be to spend so much on tuition and not have anything of your own to show for it. If you cannot handle a degree in art, change your major to something more useful, like philosophy. It seems like your mind is better suited for reason.


                There are web sites that allow teachers to see if you have submitted plagiarized writing. And there are web sites that allow teachers to see if you have submitted someone else's image.


                Do you realize that it is your teacher's job to be smarter than you? That's how you are supposed to learn.


                PS... Why are you using CMYK for a high quality photo print? Are you limited to a CMYK printer?

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                  inquestflash Level 1

                  its more our of curiosity rather than actually taken an image from the net,i want to see if hes really saying the truth,because he does not show us his graphic works,and because its a new college and a very expensive one too.i really dought his credentials.

                  and because we are new to graphics id like to know if its true or not.as he sits and lectures,and we follow the flow.

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                    Level 5

                    inquestflash wrote:


                    its more our of curiosity rather than actually taken an image from the net...

                    Hmmm... You said that you wanted to make the cheapest way to get the assignment done (by looting another's image) in an earlier post and now you are saying differently. You really are not trustworthy. 


                    If you don't trust your teacher, prove him wrong by stealing an image. Let us know how it goes. 

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                      Level 7

                      Something off the net won't have the resolution you'd get if you shot the image yourself.

                      And it'll probably have compression artifacts.

                      If your teacher is any good, they'll be able to spot something off the net. (or even stock photos)


                      Stop trying to figure out how to cheat and go do your assignment correctly.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I agree with Chris, and others - a good assignment should have several elements to it, and learning each, is what one should strive for.


                        A lesson might seem simple, like RGB Color Mode to CMYK Color Mode, but will likely have additional aspects, like dealing with a commercial printer, and working with their specified attributes for CMYK.


                        Same could be said for a lesson on isolating elements in an Image. One could buy a stock Image, with an Alpha Channel, but that would bypass learning how to create that Alpha Channel, and in life, not all Images come with Alpha Channels, or at least the one(s), that one might need/want.


                        A good instructor will structure a lesson with many parts, leading to the end result.Learning each part, will improve one's knowledge of Photoshop. I recommend against taking any short-cuts, as when one walks out the door, into the real world, knowing how to do everything in PS, will be very important.


                        Adobe has a nice series, Classroom in a Book, for many of their products. For most exercises, there is a "finished" version of that exercise, on the included disc. One could just print out the "finished" version, and then proclaim, "Hey, I finished Adobe Classroom in a Book for PS CS5," but what would they have learned, along the way? Almost zero. Learning is open-ended, and should be a goal, and never-ending.


                        I've been using PS for about 2 decades, and have made very good living with it. However, one of the main reasons that I come here, is to learn more. One can never know it all.


                        Also, prior to my retirement, I often did not have the leisure to learn new methods, as I had deadlines, so had to just go with what I knew. When I had downtime, I spent those hours in CiaB, or by taking community college courses in Photoshop (and Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Dreamweaver), though I already had degrees in Civil Engineering and Cinematography, plus many hours toward my MFA. I did not care about any academic credits - only learning.


                        Do not take the easy way out. Do each exercise/assignment, as structured. If good, they will teach you more, than just the subject of the exercise/assignment. Should be much more to learn, than just one aspect of PS.


                        Enjoy your classes, and the exercises. The more that you do learn, the more that you can offer your clients, later on.


                        Good luck,