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    Can't open an acsm file. Error: E_ADEPT_USER_AUT


      Good night everyone.


      I do not know what to do anymore... I purchased an ebook but cannot open the acsm file with ADE. My ID is correct, the computer is authorized, I downloaded the file properly from the store... But every time I try to open the file, this error appears:


      Error getting license
      Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_USER_AUTH


      I'm in Brazil, using Windows 7. My system time and date are correct (for Brazilian standards, of course). I bought the book from an Spanish online store.


      I already tried downloading and intalling again ADE and deauthorizing and reauthorizing it several times. I contacted the store, but they  did not answer me yet... Adobe live chat also could not figure out the problem, and told me to come here try to find the solution...


      I really need to open this ebook, and it's getting very frustranting... Does anyone know what I should do?