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    Where is the "Effects" menu in FW CS5?

    Go7hic13 Level 1

      I'm trying to create a NavBar in Fireworks CS5 and I'm following along an Adobe Document describing how to do this...  However the step I'm on in the tutorial is saying select "Effects -> Bevel" and I can't find it anywhere...


      Did this get moved or removed?  How do I accomplish this?


      Thanks In Advance!

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          groove25 Level 4

          I'm not sure about CS5, but I've always added effects via the Properties Inspector (at the bottom right).






          These options may not appear if you're using a Bitmap tool; try the Pointer tool instead, and make sure that an object has been selected. (You can confirm this by looking in the Layers panel.) Then click on the "+" icon to access the dropdown menu of Effects (a.k.a. "live filters").


          Otherwise, you can apply the same basic effects via the Filters menu (at the top of the interface); but those versions are for bitmaps only and are uneditable once applied.


          Hope this helps!

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            Go7hic13 Level 1

            Cool Beans...  Your instructions worked well...  I'm not sure where the document I was using had me going but the "Bevel" effect was right under the small "+" icon like you said.  Maybe the document is for the Windows version of Fireworks.  I'm on a Mac. 


            Anyway...  I appreciate the help greatly.  Thanks!