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    Ruby on Rails Convert?


      I have a Ruby on Rails app which I need to deploy as a standalone desktop application. Currently I need to install Ruby, SQLLite, the RoR application, and Firefox Portable onto the PC to get the result I want i.e. a full screen application with a local data source. Should I consider converting this application to Adobe Air since it provides an easy method of deploying to desktops? How does the local data source work with Adobe Air? How difficult would it be to convert or integrate the Rails app and will Adobe Air provide the ability to do a full screen local app?

      Thanks for any advise
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          I would recommend you to use special portable web server package - this seems to be best choice: Web Server for CD or USB by Stunnix. Don't know if it supports Ruby (but it does support SQLite, php, perl, python and java); it works on Windows, Linux and OS X.

          This way you won't have to rewrite any code at all, and you won't have to study AIR too!