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    Discrepancy in Accessibility Check

    GuyLibido Level 1

      Hi- I'm using Acrobat 10 Pro, trying to make a PDF 508 compliant. It's a 50 page document, if I run the full check for entire document, I show errors, two figures with no alt text. There are only 4 figures in the doc, and I've added alt text to all.


      BUT if I run the check on pages 1-26, I show no issues. IF I run the check on pages 25-50, I show no issues. Any check I've tried on any pages shows no errors, but not a full doc check. How can this be????




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          CtDave Level 6



          You may have to walk (top down) the entries in the Content panel while the Properties dialog is opened on the Tags tab. For each "Figure" entry is there Alt text?

          Similarly, walk the Tags panel.


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            Thanks- I've posted again, sorry for the repetition....this happens frequently, not just one document, and the most frustrating part is that USUALLY you can click on the link to a missing TH or figure without Alt text and it takes you to the offender....in these cases, you click and get nothing. In a 200+ page document it's not practical to walk through.. ANy suggestions?