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    Import of Premiere Pro 2.0 projects into Premiere CS5.5 - poor results


      Hello Folks,


      I am planing  to upgrade my Premiere Pro 2.0 to CS5.5. I am trying the test version which I like very much.


      But I have problems when I try to work with my old projects.

      Indeed I can import them (copies of course) into the CS5.5 whithout any trouble. But any sequences which formerly consisted of many clips and titles are now only one monolytical stripe in the timeline. It is the whole film, but no clips or any other components can be seen any more.

      I need to see the whole thing as it was during development, not just something like the final version.


      I read several threads in this forum about open / inport problems. But they all sounded as they concerned about more basic steps.

      I can do imports, but the resulsts are poor.


      Does anyone know the trick I have to apply - or is this realy what Adobe calls "import" ?



      Best regards to all of you