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    2 Issues


      1st: This happens with almost every single Windows 7 computer I use....whenever i open up a pdf document from the internet. It won't open up the file correctly. It opens it up to the maximize size of the laptop which is okay but it doesn't display the edges correctly. Like you can't see the traditional minimize, maximize, and close buttons on the top right for example. And on the left the "file, etc, etc" buttons are missing. The only way to fix it is to click on the program to minimize it (from the Windows taskbar) and then click on it again to bring the screen back up.


      This has been happening ever since the Windows 7 beta. I've updated Adobe Reader several times and yet its still occuring which is highly annoying.


      My 2nd concern is regarding protected pdfs and Adobe Digital Editions. I am taking an online prep course from Kaplan and there is a FREE e-book that they said I could download and read on my iPad. In order to do that they said that you would first have to sign up for Adoboe Digital Editions (which I did). Then they said download the app, download the e-book, and that once I log in it will be linked to my account.


      Well the problem is that the e-book for some reason has a password. As in its a password protected pdf. OK thats fine. Kaplan gave me the password.HOWEVER when I go to open up the file in Adobe Digital Editions I get this message....


      "This version of Digital Editions does not support password-protected documents"


      My question is what version DOES support password-protected documents? Is it a paid subscription type of deal (which seems unfair to me but whatever). And if there isn't any version that does support password-protected pdfs what the heck is the point of me having this free e-book?


      If anyone can help I'd truly appreciate it.