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    I can't login to my library digital account since getting error code 1069


      I've been using my Samsung Galaxy Tab to read books from Overdrive for months with no problems. I tried to download a book from my digital library using Overdrive yesterday when I got an error "code 1069 e lic already fulfilled by another user". What the heck? I googled it and found a few "fixes" but so far nothing has worked, and now my library doesn't recognize my account so I can't borrow any books at all: "login error. the account you enetered is not valid. user not found".

      Can anyone help?


      I've tried:

      • resetting the day, date, time zone
      • clearing the Cache settings
      • deauthorizing and reauthorizing the Overdrive app
      • removing and downloading the app again
      • resetting my Adobe password