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    Index Confusion

    Generally Confused

      I went through my document and marked those words and word combinations I want to appear in my index. The book I have on CS5 says that the "topics" function should probably be ignored...so I did. I want to establish different levels of indexing now, and perhaps create a topic index -- for instance, "Names" -- that I can move indexed words underneith. However, I have not had much luck with this.


      First, I have noticed that if I switch from "Reference" to "Topic" the same list appears. I thought from the Help manual that entering reference words would probably enter them into the Reference list, but not the Topics" list. What's up with that?


      Basic question here is how do either establish a Topic under which I can move my reference list words, or how can I add a top-level Reference list word under which to move sub-category words from the Reference List? When I add a Reference List word by clicking on "Create New Reference List word," I am able to move a Reference List word from the Reference List up into the #1 box, but all the other boxes are greyed out. The Help function has a nice, easy-looking way of just moving words up into the different boxes, but my boxes are grey... like maybe the Help explanation is for a different version of CS?!?




      OK. Maybe 5 hours of deadend work, book search, you tube watching, google searching, and I FINALLY figured out that double clicking on a reference does not place that reference BELOW an existing reference topic... you have to MOVE THE TOP ONE DOWN A NOTCH before double clicking because it ONLY moves the clicked-reference into the topic-1 space. If any of you guys decide to write a manual about this, you might want to put that in the "Tips" section.