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    issue with draggable list

    Maximist Level 1

      Hallo, I have this list:


      <s:List id="lst_listaOggettiRisposte" y="30"">
      <s:VerticalLayout gap="3"/>




      Inside "mioItemRenOggettoRisposta" i have this:


      <s:RichText x="0" y="4" width="20" height="18" color="#464646" fontFamily="Arial"
      fontSize="18" fontWeight="bold" tabStops="S0" text="{data}"/>
      <s:TextInput x="15" y="0" width="432"/>
      <s:Rect x="455.5" y="0.5" width="109" height="21">
      <s:SolidColorStroke caps="none" color="#5C5C5C" joints="miter" miterLimit="4" weight="1"/>
      <s:SolidColor color="#00A700"/>


      Everything is good, but, because of my draggable list, when i write in the textinput and then drag an element, all the text inside textinput is deleted.. I think it is normal with itemRenderer but i can't find another way to do what i want.. I want 5 elements inside that list.. Each element has 1 textinput (editable textinput) and i want to change position of each line dragging it as i wish... With lists it is easy to drag elements, but maybe i should not use item renderer??.. How can i display 5 complex objects inside a list??


      Thx for all