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    Adjustment brush affects unselected areas!


      Hi everybody!

      I've got a problem with the adjustment brush in Camera Raw 6.6.

      I was working on a photo lighted only with green and blue lights, when I try to make a local exposure correction other unselected areas with similar color become brighter! It doesn't matter what the exposure value is (except for 0), those unselected areas become brighter; if I delete the brush or set the exposure to 0 those unselected areas turn normal.

      Is it a bug or am I missing something?

      I've tried also on a photo with mainly orange tones, and the problem is the same (but less evident).

      I'm using Windows XP.


      This is the area selected with the adjustment brush:


      This is the face BEFORE using the brush (or selecting 0 to exposure):



      This is the face AFTER inserting an exposure value to the brush: