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    Premiere 10 system requirements


      Will Premiere 10 run on HP Pavilion 5000dv Centrino duo 1.6 GHz processor? 

      I've purchased, but not attempted to install software.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It will certainly run on it. But you'l likely only be able to edit video from tape-based miniDV or HDV camcorders. You'll find working with most hard drive-based hi-def video (like Flip video and AVCHD) very frustrating.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            As Steve mentions, that CPU should work on SD material from a miniDV tape camera, although slowly.


            For HD, and especially with any H.264 CODEC material, like the AVCHD footage, that is so popular and common nowadays, one needs at a minimum, a fast Quad-core CPU, and a fast i7 is better.


            Depending on the OS, one will also want at least 4GB of RAM for a 32-bit OS, and I would recommend at least 12GB for a 64-bit OS.


            While one can edit video with only a single, physical HDD (do not partition that), having a second, or even third, physical HDD will improve things greatly, as the OS and the program, will not be sitting, waiting for HDD reads and writes to complete.


            What OS will you be using?


            How much RAM is installed in that computer, and how much CAN be installed in it?


            How many physical HDD's does it have? How many can be installed?


            What type of Video files do you plan on editing? From which camera, make/model?


            Good luck,



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