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    Pan & Zoom with letter box


      Is it possible to Pan & Zoom outside the picture area on a slideshow? For example, I have a still shot that was taken sideways so that it is tall and skinny (9x16 instead of 16x9). I want to pan out to show the whole picture with black letterboxes on the side. I am unable to get this to work. Any advice?

         Thanks, Alan

      PE/PSE 10

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

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          There should not be any problem (so long as you want the pillar boxed look - black bars to the right and left), with Scaling (fixed Effect>Motion>Scale) the portrait Still Image to the landscape Video Frame.


          What is happening, that is not working for you?


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            AceMagic69 Level 1

            Hi Bill. The black bars are what I want. They are there when I create the slideshow, but as soon as I go into the Pan and Zoom tool they go away. No mater what I do the frames are locked from going beyond the side of the picture. Is there a setting in the Pan and Zoom tool that I need to change? Thanks for your help on this.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Instead of using the Pan & Zoom animation Preset, use Keyframing, of the Fixed Effect>Motion>Scale (Zoom), and Motion>Position (Pan).


              This is an example of a portrait oriented Still Image, in the landscape Video Frame. This is very similar to what you want. It was done in PrPro, but other than the differences in the GUI, between programs, will be just what you wish to do. In my case, I used an abstract background, behind the portrait Still Image, where you will want just the black bars of a pillar box. Also, I kept the Scale to about the Title Safe Area, where you will be Scaling to the full vertical dimension of the Frame.



              Good luck, and hope that helps,




              PS - I like the use of an abstact backgroud, in lieu of the black bars, but that is just me.