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    Adobe Kuler (touch app) Unable to sign in.




      Recently purchased Adobe Kuler from the android market for my Asus Transformer Prime (tf201). When trying to sign in with my Adobe ID (in hopes of being able to sync themes / schemes from the tablet to the desktop kuler site) I am met with a blank white screen.


      I go to settings > my account > get started > enter Adobe ID > enter password > sign in and then when the sign in screen changes, it's just an empty white box. I can close the box, going back to the settings screen, but the login isn't completing.


      I've tried force closing and restarting, rebooting, clearing the cache. Always met with the same results.


      Is this simply a compatability issue with Ice Cream Sandwich? (I noticed the app hasn't been updating since November 11th, which would've been a fair bit before the presence of ICS devices)