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    Premier Elements 9 operating problems


      I am just getting around to using Premiere Elements 9.  I installed it and Photshop Elements 9 at one time several months ago and have used Photshop Elements with no problems.


      A. When I start Premiere Elements and get to the Welcome Screen.  I select "New Project" after a short period the New Project Window pops up.  I can not enter data into the window.  If I close that window, and go to File, New, Project.  The New Project window opens again with the Name box Highlighted with "New Project".  I give it a new name after which nothing can be entered in the other boxes and "OK" can not be selected.


      B. At this point, I uninstalled Premiere Elements then reinstalled it with my installation disk.  It promps to shut down the computer after disk 1 whick I did.  After rebooting the computer,  I again went to the welcome screen of Premier Elements and select "New Project".  The new project window opens with the Name Box Highlighted with "New Project".  I give it a new name and I can now select "OK".  The program now opens.  A box appears indicatiing there is limited content and asks to install additonal content with the content disk after which I then inserted the disk 2.  It asks to select "Yes" but I can not select it.  Therefore the Content Installation Disk will not install at this point.


      C. At this point, I close the program and then Installed the Premiere Elements Content Disk.  I restart the program and at the "Welcome Screen" I select "New Project".  The program responds exactly as in the paragraph A. shown above with no access to the program.


      D. I again uninstalled and then reinstalled Premiere Elements.  At the completetion of the installation of disk 1, instead of shutting down and rebooting.  I now install the content from disk 2.  I now reboot the computer and go to the Welcome Screen and select "New Project".  The program responds exactly as in paragraph A. above with no access to the program.


      I am at a loss to figure out how to get this program to work.  For your information, I am using windows 7,  64-bit on a Dell XPS 8100 desktop computer.


      Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


      Tom Mitchell

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Take a look at this ARTICLE, which starts with a checklist to get PrE working best. It next goes into a lot of troubleshooting steps to tune up one's OS, and computer.


          I would also look into your dispaly driver, i.e. the video card's driver. What make/model of video card do you have installed?


          What is the installed video driver's number/date?


          Have you gone to the Dell driver download page, to see what the latest driver is? If not, that would be my first step, and download and install that driver.


          Good luck,



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            tommit8721 Level 1



            Thanks for the tip.  I tried a tip that I belive you have previously given.  In this tip, right clip on PrE shortcut select Properties.  Under Compatibilty, Check the Disable desktop compostion box.  Click OK.


            I performed these operations and PrE now works fine.


            Thanks again,