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    PDF for review - just one topic?

      RoboHelp 7 - love the generate PDF and send for review feature - is there any way to just generate a PDF for a single topic and send that single topic for review? We have a project with literally hundreds and hundreds of topics - and only want to have SMEs review their own single or few topics.

      I thought of creating a specific Review Topics project and putting them in there, but again, we have quite a few individual reviewers who only care about their own single or few topics - and we really don't want to have to create individual projects for all those individuals...

      Any suggestions? Or, is it a simple setting I cannot find and that isn't in the Help anywhere (or did I just miss it)?
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          Looks like you are using Technical Communication Suite (Send for Review feature is Suite specific - RoboHelp uses Acrobat 3D to enable PDFs for commenting with Adobe Reader). Send for Review uses the default SSL - Printed Documentation and sends the PDF for review. You can modify the Chapter layout of this SSL to select the topics to include in the PDF.

          Since you have the Technical Communication Suite, you can also set up this workflow manually. Use multiple SSLs - one for each reviewer. Create a different Chapter Layouts in your printed documentation SSL for each reviewer. Your Chapter layout may contain one or more topics. Publish your PDF using different SSLs.

          Launch Acrobat 3D (included with Suite), open the PDFs, Select menu Advanced -> Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader. Now PDF can be commented by Adobe Reader.

          Go to Menu - Comments -> Attach for E-mail Review.

          RoboHelp (TCS version) automatically does the above steps for you from RoboHelp File menu for the default Printed Documentation SSL.