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    Gradient Map - CMYK colour change - Bug?

    davetwo Level 2

      Hola all, I'm using a gradient map to make faux duotones for a project.

      Some pages have a straightforward 'flat' 3 stop gradient applied (Darkpoint: 100, 95, 0, 45. Midpoint: 100, 75, 0, 0. Lightpoint: 75, 0, 0, 0.)

      On other pages I have various images which I want to colour match to the gradient pages. So on the uppermost layer I've added a gradient map with the same CMYK values.


      So far so good - everything looks pretty much as expected. HOWEVER - when I looked at the channels I notice a LOT of yellow was present in the images (I had expected none).

      Sure enough, when I looked at the gradient map the CMYK values in the color stops had changed dramatically. I re-set them but the values will not stay 'locked'.


      Whats going on?


      PS. Changes to the underlying layers don't seem to effect the problem. I had thought this may be an Issue with the FOGRA 39 profile, but I have untagged and resaved the image to no avail. I'm working in CMYK in CS4 (11.0.2). Mac OSX 10.6.8