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    Login form


      Hi, I am using Flex 4.1


      I have a login form with username and password centred in the centre of the page


      I would like to add the company logo and a repeatable background image border at the top of the page.

      By adding a bordercontainer as below, I can display the repeatable image at the top, but it is missing the company logo.

      Any ideas how I could add both an image and a backgroundimage on top of it.



      <s:BorderContainer width="100%" height="40"





      .imageBorder {

      backgroundImage: Embed(source='assets/images/matrix.jpg');

      backgroundImageFillMode: repeat;





      [ In .net, this can be done by using div as

          <div style ="background-image: url(assets/images/matrix.JPG')">

              <img alt="" src="assets/images/logo.JPG"

              style="height: 47px " />

          </div> ]