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    indesign thumbnail preview and relink in silverlight application




      We are developing a silverlight application in which user drags and drops the indesign file.

      Application has to display the thumbnail preview of  images that are linked in document. Once user is ok with it he/she clicks confirm button.

      Then on confirm button click, the indesign file and images linked to that file should be transferred to a server location. and then the indesign file

      should be relinked with the new path of the images.


      1. How to read the indesign file and display the thumnail preview in silverlight application ?

      2. once the images are copied to the server location, how to relink the path in indesign file?


      1. We thought of going by IDML apporach - that means convert the indesign to idml and once the images are copied to server location, relink the images

      with the new path and then convert that idml to indesign file. The client only uses indesign files, not idml files.


      2. Second approach we thought is - using Indesign Server SDK. Create a webservice that accepts the indesign file and sends the thumnail images in return so that we can

      display the thumbnail images in client silver light application. Once user confirms, then relink the images with the new path. But we are facing a problem with it. When the file

      is referred in C# code, the indesign application runs outside our applicationand and  file gets opened in that. If there are any dialog boxes/confirmation boxes get opened inside indesign

      application while opening the file, until we  close the dialog box , the code in our c# application gets hanged. That means user intervention is required.



      Please suggest an approach how to proceed.