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    HowTo? Change HSL values?

    ldallan Level 1

      I've come across scripts that allow setting "Color Calibration" values in ACR from an ExtendScrip, but not values in the HSL / Grayscale tab.









      There are variables that "map" to sliders in the ColorCalibration tab of ACR for RedHue, RedSaturation, ... BlueSaturation, but not the sliders in the HSL tab. I've looked at the scripting documentation, and not been able to find such values. Do they exist? If so, is there a way to "map" to them in order to change the slider value when a .dng is opened?

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          Michael L Hale Level 5

          I can't tell you how to modify the existing script from just the few lines you posted but you can get the values used in the HSL tab by using thier property names. For example this.GetXmpMetadata("crs:HueAdjustmentRed") will returen the value from the red hue slider in the HSL tab.