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    Intermittent errors with mxmlc


      Hi All,


      I have recently begun to encounter intermittent errors when executing the mxmlc ant task.  This appears to be some sort of timing issue, because I can just re-run the task and have the build run to completion.  The errors that I get vary, but usually are either invalid implicit coercions (with a line number being reported of -1), or attempting to access fields or functions that don't exist (with an actual line number where the error supposedly occurs).  In each of these case, I get many errors, followed by a ton of invalid embed commands.


      As I mentioned before, simply re-running the task will either cause a successful compilation, or a completely different set of errors and line numbers being reported.  This is turning into a very high visibility issue because automated builds are failing, and the only thing that I can do is to tell them to run it again.


      Here is the list of options that I'm sending to mxmlc:



      keep-generated-actionscript=false (have changed to true in an attempt to find the problem)



      We are using the 4.5.1 "full" SDK, ant 1.8.2, and JDK 1.6.0_30.


      Thank you for any help or insight!