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    Fuzzy footage



      Can anyone tell my why my footage is a little fuzzy?

      You can mainy see it around the jeans and hair but it looks worse the bigger the video is.

      I made a new sequance from clip, it is recorded on a HD Sony Handycam and the footage looks ok when played but as soon as it is put into Adobe Premiere Pro the fuzz begins.

      Exported in many different way and it always shows. The background image i have put in is fine its just the footage infront of the green screen is playing up.


      This is doing my head in

      Pweeeese help

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          Stephen_Spider Level 3

          looks like there's some green screening that needs more care.....

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            Pacey4321 Level 1

            It is actually fuzzy just after I import it, before i start with the keying so must be something else to blame :/

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Source material quality could be the issue here. What camera did you use in what shooting mode, how did you ingest, how did you do the chroma key, etc.?

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                Pacey4321 Level 1

                Its a Sony handycam hdr-xr200ve just high setting everything on auto, I just dropped the clip from the camera into my docs then made a new sequence from clip. For the keying i simply used a garbage mat to chop the side off then ultra key choosing the dark section of the green then adjusted the pedestal to get rid of left overs.

                But the footage seems fine when watch on my desktop well as fine as it can for a none professional camera before importing into be edited, the issue only seem to occur in premiere pro and when exported from it.

                Kinda convinced myself i have imported the footage wrong on something but not really sure if I am honest