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    Can't implement a beginner problem


      I only started researching Flex last Friday and I'm trying to break into this implemented project, but I can't even get to square one. I made a change to an mxml file: I put 'Alert.show("hey man");' on the first line of a function. I built it, then went into the "bin-debug" directory where I find a newly created "main.swf" file. When I compare this file to the old file, they have exactly the same content. Needless to say, when I upload this file to the server, clear my browser cache and try to run it, my change does not appear. Other than this forum, I don't know where to begin.

      This waste of space who's the only one in the office who knows Flex says that I'm doing the exact same thing he is, so he washes his hands of the problem. I've also tried cleaning the project. That didn't get me anywhere.

      I'm running Flash Builder 4.0.1 and we seem to be using the 3.5 SDK.


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          In the end, it seems there were a bunch of files that shouldn't have been versioned in the first place that were checked out of the SVN repository. Even though the output file I was looking for was being remade, the sum of these files were causing all this trouble. Deleting these files from Builder fixed it. For some bizarre reason, deleting them in Explorer didn't work. Weird.