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    CSS Problems: Extra "margin-left: 8px" being added to bold face command.


      I'm having a unique and frustrating problem with a RoboHelp project.


      When I apply Bold face to text in a numbered or bulleted text, RoboHelp applies the following code: <span style="margin-left: 8px; font-weight: bold;">

      I cannot understand why the style="margin-left: 8px clause is inserted into the code.  It's causing a large amount of white space before and after every bolded item, and fixing it manually is not a great option for various reasons.


      When I apply Bold face to text outside of lists, the style="margin-left: 8px clause is not inserted.



      When I click the Bold button (or press Ctrl+B) on selected text, I'd like RoboHelp to add the minimal code necssary: <span style="font-weight: bold;">


      Does anyone know how I can fix this?



      Notes: I inhertied this project with multiple style sheets, including old .kadov styles and at least seven CSS files. I condensed this down to one CSS file and tried to clean up the file as much as possible. I'm using RoboHelp 8.0.2.