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    Photoshop has stopped working

    valentinode kairy Level 1

      While using Adobe Photoshop CS3, and Phtoshop elements

      working great since 3 years..

      Got a Virus "System Check" "Photoshop was still working even with this rogue program.. Took me over 3 days to get rid of it finally Using Avast antivirus..

      Now Everything in the computer work fine.. but photoshop does not open at all and give the message photoshop has stoppped working , does not open up, or nothing,

      When I try to open the CS3 or Elements .. just after that, getting a message from windows "Vista" .. The message say .. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS3 HAS STOPPED WORKIN .. A PROBLEM CAUSED THE PROGRAM TO STOP WORKING CORRECTLY, WINDOWS WILL CLOSE THE PROGRAM AND NOTIFY YOU IF A SOLUTION IS AVAILABLE..


      Now As I've tried alot of things, and even uninstal both of them and just working with one of them, and u7ninstalling both , and Installing it again , still the same problem.. same message..


      I have tried contacting Adobe Customer service , they said, they no longer give support for CS3 .. because it is older version , and they can only support Photoshop CS5 ????.. (They want me to buy it again .. 

      So any help please on how to solve this problem ??


      I did uninstal it, and I had CCleaner for the registry prior to reinstalling , so i did that already, and was all of them doing the same.. so i reinstalled the elements only..
      any clue on how to fix that ??

      I made sure that it was all cleaned..


      By the way.. it is all adobe products same message, Adobe Elements, etc... all the same message.. any other hint ??

      and i looked for windows vista recovery on my computer, and it seems that all recovery points prior to the date is vanished and no point of recovery prior to 8 days ago when this started.. ??!!

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Your System Restore space is limited in Vista so that you may only have one or several weeks worth of restore points to choose from.  That amount of space can be increased in Windows 7 but that won't help you.


          It sounds as though the malware irrecoverably altered something in your operating system...  Do you have any Windows Complete PC Backups from before the time of the infection?  If so, it would probably be worth taking the time to back up your recent data files to external storage, then restore the entire system.


          If you don't want to go through that, one thing you might want to try is the System File Checker tool...  It will check to see if any of the operating system files under "system protection" are corrupted...


          1.  Start a CMD window.


          2.  Type the command SFC /VERIFYONLY and press Enter.  This is a command that will only check for errors, it will not change anything.


          3.  If it reports any problems, you may be able to use the command SFC /SCANNOW to correct them.  This both checks for errors and restores corrupted files if possible.


          4.  If SFC /SCANNOW fails to correct all the problems, you may want to try an "in place" upgrade, in which you re-install the operating system over itself as an "upgrade".  This will refresh all operating system files but retain your settings and applications.  You will then have to re-apply a bunch of Windows Updates (of which there will no doubt be a significant number with Vista.


          I always suggest making regular system image backups (e.g., via the [Back up computer] button in the Backup and Restore Center), and occasionally also making a System Repair disc as well as a Password Reset disc.  I have written a Windows 7 eBook called "How to Configure the Windows 7 To Work Options" that describes how to do all this in detail, and much of it applies to Windows Vista as well.



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            valentinode kairy Level 1

            Thanks for the post.. did it.. 3 errors can not be corrected.. so I'm going to try inplace upgrade..yet if you have faster steps for it.. it will be appreciated..

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              valentinode kairy Level 1

              Now someting really weired happens.. Everythign still the same.. yet I have tried un-installing elments from my computer .. and it does not happen.. tried 5 different times until now, rebooted , closed everything else, and tried uninstalling Photoshop elemnts again .. and it initialize and then come this message "The Wizard was interrupted before adobe photoshop Elemnts 7.0 could be completely Uninstalled .. Your system has not been modified . To complete installation at another time, please run set-up again" ..


                So any clue, or how can i get rid of it ??.. or what is that  ??

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                valentinode kairy Level 1

                Now, The only way i could uninstalled it.. was through Revo..

                  The problem now, I could not reinstall CS3 .. ??.. Have tried all the ways in trouble shooting, tried instal it through Revo, Made a copy in the root files "with no white spaces".. may now i could know how i could reinstall it ??..

                  During last week, i un-installed it, reinstalled it more than 7 or 8 times, and this is the first time this happens ?? Any clue..

                  There is no message.. just initialising after hitting instal .. then nothing.. "Nothing" means no messages, errors, or anything..

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Have you tried a reboot just before installing?


                  I'm kind of out of ideas.  I'm not an expert on installation problems, since I've had virtually none myself.  Perhaps someone better at diagnosing install issues can chime in here....



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                    valentinode kairy Level 1

                    Did everything as the books and troubleshooting says.. the problem I've uninstalled all Adobe products, and can not even get the photoshop to install, It just initialize and then nothing "nothing means nothing at all" no error message, no comments, nothing, just disappear..

                    As well, currently having problem reinstalling the flashplayer properly ??..


                    so advices on how could Re-install photoshop will be appreciated, and please read what steps i follow in my previous replies..

                      Adobe photoshop could not solve anything on the phone, because they said they does not support CS3 Master collection or elements older than CS5 or elemnts 10.0 .. ..

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                      This virus deletes Windows restore points, see this post, no wonder you can't restore disk using restore points. Using CCleaner was a bad idea. The virus hides certain Windows files in temp folder, CCleaner usually wipes temp folder clean. Next time, use google before taking further steps. Ok, so now you basically have two options:


                      1. Install Adobe PS from Safe Mode. Getting into Windows Safe Mode http://www.computerhope.com/issues/chsafe.htm

                      2. Repair Vista installation, then install PS. Microsoft Windows Vista Repair feature boot from disk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VI51eq4m_qQ


                      I hope this helps. Cheers!

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                        Dmitry Voronov

                        Photoshop CS 3  has stopped working


                        Problem is:



                        Thanks for your help! Dmitry.

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                          PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                          Hello, before reinstalling, I would use the CS cleaner tool: http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cscleanertool.html

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                            Dmitry Voronov Level 1

                            Fixed ...Thank you very much ...

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                              valentinode kairy Level 1

                              Re-installed the windows.. thanks