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    16:9 video on TV is too small


      I'm new here and I ask you to help me.
      I've created a project with Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 and I’ve processed this project with Adobe Premiere Elements 10.

      It has the following project properties:
      Edit mode: HDV 1080i
      Firme base: 25.00 frames / sec.
      Frame size: 1440  horizontally 1080 vertically
      Pixel aspect ratio: HD Anamorphic (1.333)
      Display format: 25-fps timecode
      I've burned a DVD+RW (4.7 GB). The film requires 1.8 GB.
      Recording format: HDV
      release: Disk
      requirements: DVD PAL_Widescreen_Dolby
      My television has a 16:9 format. The video is displayed in 16:9 format, but the display does not fill completely. All around is a wide black border.
      How can I achieve that, the display occupies the entire screen and is transmitted in HD quality?
      Do I need to burn a Blu-Ray?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Is the TV attached to the set-top player with an HDMI cable, giving your the full 1080?


          How is the TV set to display 16:9? There are often several ways that it can be set, and some BD and DVD players also have that capability.


          Note: when going to DVD-Video, you will ONLY have 720 x 576 (PAL), and either Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9, and will NOT have the full 1080. That would only be on a BD. The DVD will only be SD, and not HD, though your Source Footage is HD Anamorphic.


          Good luck,



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            jeni51 Level 1

            Hello, you're so fast! Thank for the answer. My TV is connected with the video player over an HDMI cable (full 1080) . In the TV menu I can select the 16:9 picture format. I can also select the picture format in the setup of the video player (16:9 original or 16:9 wide). 16:9 original fill the screen completely (but not with my problem-video!), 16:9 wide fill the screen over the full width, but at the top and bottom are black stripes. I think, the image is squashed (compressed).
            A proper 16:9 image is displayed on the screen, when I burn a DVD with Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0. I've already burned the same video.
            With Adobe Premiere Elements 10 is this video smaller. Then the 16:9 format is shown in the middle of the screen with wide black border. What can I do?
            Kindly regards,


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              jeni51 Level 1

              Hi, now I've created with APE10 a new short video and tested all variants of output a video:

              a) hard drive -> then with VAIO Content Explorer burn DVD

                  (MPEG2 1440x1080i 25, MPEG2 1920x1080i 25, 1080i HDTV 25)

              b) directly output to DVD with APE10 (DVD-PAL_Widescreen_Dolby)

              c) directly output to DVD (AVCHD H264 1440x1080i NTSC Dolby)

              d) Blue ray is still missing (tomorrow!)

              All videos have been written correctly and the TV screen was full filled to capacity.

              So I want close my request. Thanks for your support.

              Kindly regards