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    CS5.5, but InDesign "stuck" at 5.0.4?

    Glitchdog Level 1

      We purchased the Production Premium CS5.5 for Mac, but with all the latest updates InDesign is still at 5.0.4. I just assumed this was the latest until this morning. A collegue brought in a file he had been working on at home in InDesign on CS5.5 Mac and I couldn't open it. It showed all these plugins that weren't on my computer, but my collegue is using a stock program, no addons. We tried on another Mac w/5.5 and it wouldn't open it either. Then I googled and found that InDesign is supposed to be a 7.5.1 within the CS5.5 series. Wow, this is so confusing.


      What's up?