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    How to set destination for <cffile>

    Ali Parsa

      Dear all ,


      I have a problem with <cffile> :


      my CFM file is in  : http://www.demo.com/panel/upload.cfm


      i want to store the file in  http://demo.com/gallery/news  folder


      so :


      <cfset file_name="demo.jpg">

      <cffile nameconflict="overwrite" action = "upload"  fileField = "n_file" destination = "../gallery/news/#file_name#">


      but i get error and i can not save it. i ask my friend and he told me should use full destination path lik "c:\website\demo.com\www\gallery\new" . is it currect ? and if yes , how can i get the server web folder path , because its not fix in all the server and may  be different in any server , also i use the MacOX and file system is not same as windows .