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    Download and Installation Problem with ADE


      I have used ADE successfully for the past year for library downloads to my Nook.  I recently purchased a Nook Color, and was having trouble using ADE with it.  Someone suggested I uninstall ADE and re-install--I did uninstall; however, ADE will not allow me to re-install. 


      At the ADE download page, I select "Launch" and receive this dialogue box:  "You may not have the necessary permission to use all the features of the program you are about to run.  You may run this program as a different user or continue to run program as current user."  I select "Current User" and receive the following dialogue box from ADE Setup:  "This installer requires administrative access" then "Unable to elevate to administrative rights, error 6"  As for the option to run the program as the "Administrator" it will not accept a password because I never created a password.


      This happens on the computer I originally installed ADE (Windows Vista), as well as a Mac Laptop.  I can't find anything in this forum or thru internet searching that directly addresses this issue.  Please help!!!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The most common 'mistake' I've seen people make is to assume that ADE is

          the cause of their problem.  They then delete the software - maybe not

          uninstalling it completely - and reinstall it, thinking that something will

          change.  Rarely does this tactic work.

          Your issue with the Nook Color was most likely related to the Nook Color

          itself and the addition of it to your system.  Now, you've stumbled into an

          error from Windows (Windows 7?) that prevents you from reinstalling ADE.

          May I assume that you or Microsoft have updated your system software

          between the original installation of ADE and this attempt?  That's when

          some of these 'permission' issues surface.


          Let's try something first.  Go to the Recycle Bin.  If you have not emptied

          the trash, you can find ADE in there.  Right click on it and you should

          have the option to reinstall.  If that works, breathe a sigh of relief and

          send me a cold Budweiser.  If not, then I'd  look at the existing user

          accounts.  You can do this by going to the Control Panel in Windows, and

          then double-clicking on the 'User Accounts' avatar.  You'll see a list of

          those on your machine, and also whether the accounts have administration

          privileges.  It will also let you create an account.  And we're off to the



          Hope this helps!


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            summersusa Level 1

            I wish now that I hadn't uninstalled, but that's water under the bridge.  I tried everything you suggested with the following results:


            • There's been no system update since this happened within the past week.
            • The ADE is not in the Recycle Bin.  It hasn't been emptied in months, so I don't know where the program went.
            • I did find out one thing, though, in the "User Accounts."  I am the Administrator, and I know my password.  It works; however, when I plug the password into the dialogue box I previously described--it doesn't work.



            If you or anyone else has other ideas, I would certainly appreciate suggestions.  I thank you for responding.  At least I'm eliminating possible solutions and learning a little more about my computer!

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Step by step....


              Go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.  Check to make sure that

              ADE is not in the list.  If it is not, then 'all is lost'....


              I am baffled by the apparent contradiction of your system telling you that

              ADE requires ADMIN privileges - but ignores those that YOU have...  Maybe

              someone else can pick up on this theme.



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                I am having exactly the same problem, and looking at the forums it appears to be a common problem. Hope there is someone out there who can help.

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                  summersusa Level 1

                  I used ADE solely for downloading library books.  Since I can't get the books for free anymore (because of ADEs failure to download), I have turned to www.ebookr.com, and for $15/month I can download unlimited books.  They use a book management system called Calibre that even translates file types.  So, even though I am now paying for books, I now have a wider selection and don't have to pay $10 per book from B&N.

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                    Nuck3lz Level 1

                    SOLUTION:  download the setup.exe for ADE, not using the flash install version.


                    Before you run it, right click on it and check "run as administrator" under the compatability tab.  Also under the general tab I clicked on "unblock," which might have made a difference.

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