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    Open help to a specific topic

    HKabaker Level 2
      I've been using the same technique to open WebHelp for a long time without trouble. IE7, however, intermittently balks. Sometimes the first click seems to try, but can't open the help window. Then I need a double-click or more to make it work. Other times, the new window comes up without a problem.

      This is the desired behavior:

      1. From the main app, open a new window for WebHelp (frames) displaying the default topic.
      2. Don't close the help window.
      3. Focus the main app, navigate to another page.
      4. From the new page, call WebHelp (frames) with a specific topic displayed instead of the default topic.
      5. Help window reappears (frames) displaying the appropriate topic.

      At Step 5, IE 7 hesitates . . . or not.

      As a variation, at step 2, browse within WebHelp via links, TOC, Index, Search -- whatever. Don't close the help window. Same result.

      Below is the code we have been using.

      The newWin.close command closes the previous help window so you don't get help windows stacked up.
      If this is the first call, and no help window is open, it seems to be ignored.

      What are we doing wrong? How can we make IE7 obey?
      (By the way, Popup blocker is not enabled on the Privacy tab)