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    Fullscreen Toggle Button


      I am creating a Flash projector file to put on a cd. I wanted to create a Fullscreen Toggle button. But I am not clear on how to set it up. So far i do have what i want, which is, when the projector runs it automatically goes to fullscreen


      but what i would like to do is create a toggle button, which can switch between fullscreen and non-fullscreen. Can anybody provide me with some assistance on how i can create the toggle button?

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          nonybd Level 1
          make a button called "fullscreen_btn", with a dynamic text field called "btnLabel" that says "Fullscreen" by default
          then apply this code to the keyframe:

          var inFullScreen = false;// set toggle var
          fullscreen_btn.onRelease = function (){
          if (inFullScreen){// if already in fullscreen mode
          fscommand('fullscreen', 'false');// leave full screen mode
          this.btnLabel.text = 'Fullscreen';
          }else{// but if not in fullscreen mode
          fscommand('fullscreen', 'true');// go into fullscreen mode
          this.btnLabel.text = 'Exit Fullscreen';
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            You may want to look at this example


            Download it and see it working.

            Is this what you require ?

            If so then download a FREE evaluation copy from


            and try it with your Projector files.

            Hope this helps.

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